A worldwide leader in the production of brass components and valves for plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning and gas and water distribution networks.

cimberioStrengthened by total sales of more than 50 million Euros with its entire production concentrated in the San Maurizio d'Opaglio and Pogno manufacturing facilities that employ 180 people, with 7 foreign subsidiaries distributing our products in 65 countries.

Able to strongly believe in Italy and in the "Made in Italy" brand but at the same time to grow in the world until assuming our current international size.

Able to resist the temptation to delocalize and run away, able to keep our manufacturing facilities in Italy, even with a great deal of effort and significant sacrifices.

Able to face difficult economic times with our heads held high and to take advantage of them to grow larger, invest more and become stronger.

Able to look around and live by respecting the world that we live in, convinced of leaving our children a better environment than what we were given.


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